T&G Roofing and Solar Code of Ethics

T & G Roofing and Solar
Code of Ethics

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15-Point Code of Ethics

Our 15-Point Code of Ethics is a list of qualities we feel are necessary for a professional roofing company to adhere to. When choosing a contractor, this may serve as a helpful checklist of questions to ask before hiring the contractor to work on your roof. T & G Roofing and Solar Company, Inc meets each of these 15 standards. Contact us for a free estimate today! (909) 931-3204

  1. Contractor’s License. First and foremost, have the roofer present you with a copy of his company’s Contractor License. You can also verify the license through the Contractors State License Board www.cslb.ca.gov. Sadly, there are many roofers who operate with a suspended license or no license at all.
  2. Liability Insurance. Does the contractor have liability insurance that will actually cover you in the case of a filed claim? Get proof of liability insurance.
  3. Workers Compensation Insurance. Does your roofer have workers compensation insurance that will cover costs in the event that the employee working on your roof is injured? We are insured with State Fund Insurance. (Required by law).
  4. References. Current references for a minimum of the past 3 months. These should at least list the addresses so that you can drive by and look at their work.
  5. Check for Roofer Complaints. This can easily be done by checking online sites such as Angie’s List, Google, Yelp, Etc. You don’t want a company who has a history of unhappy customers.
  6. Employee Training Program. It is important that the roofer that installs your roof has been properly trained in a formal company training program. This helps ensure quality roof procedures and installation. Manufacture certified installers.
  7. Quality Control. There is a multi point inspection that should take place during the roofing process. Ask for your contractor’s Quality Control Checklist. Also, compare with our 19-Point Quality Control Checklist to make sure you get the best price and value.
  8. Signed Contract. Don’t accept an estimate that you do not understand, the proposal / contract should be easy to understand and signed by the company’s owner or a salesperson that is licensed to that business to by the CSLB.
  9. Lien Waiver. Few people are aware that a roofing contractor’s supplier can put a lien against your property if the roofing contractor fails to pay the supplier. Get a lien waiver before you pay the final bill.
  10. Is Your Roofer Certified to Install the Product they are Selling? It is important to have proper knowledge and training of the manufacturer’s specifications so the roof can be installed in a manner that will not void the manufacturer’s warranty.
  11. Material Warranty. Your roof should come with a warranty from the manufacturer. It is important to understand what a prorated warranty means. Being that we are a GAF Master Elite contractor we can offer up to a 25 year workmanship and up to a 50 year manufactures warranty.
  12. Labor Warranty. Ask your roofer to show you a copy of the labor warranty before the work is performed. Most companies offer 1 to 3 years warranty on Labor. We offer a 5 to 25 year labor warranty with the option to purchase a maintenance warranty. Look for coverage on “workmanship”.
  13. Has the Contractor Been in Business 10 Years or more? Unfortunately, 50% of all new businesses in the United States fail in the first year, 80% fail in the first 5 years. Of the remaining companies, 80% will fail during the next 5 years.
  14. Inspection of Attic Ventilation. This is critical to the warranty and energy conservation. If a roof has proper ventilation, the roof will last longer and you will spend less money on cooling your house in the summer time. The attic, in theory, should be close to the same temperature inside as outside.
  15. Professionalism. A company must be professional in its dealings of every phase of the roofing process. Problems will occasionally arise with every company. It is critical to your satisfaction that the company can handle issues in a professional manner.

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