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Since 1989, we have been providing all types of construction services to hundreds of Property Management Companies. We believe that our strong one-on-one relationship with the property managers is what has made us so successful in this area. We provide a rapid, properly documented and photographed, reasonably priced proposal to each property manager. This lightens the property manager's work load and helps them to be fully prepared for their board meeting. We also make every attempt to document and price all issues up front and we make every effort to eliminate change orders and additional or unforeseen costs. Upon receiving your service request, we will immediately contact your HOA homeowner or tenant and schedule a time that fits their lifestyle to inspect the issue.

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HOA services T&G Roofing Company
HOA services T&G Roofing Company
HOA services T&G Roofing Company
HOA services T&G Roofing Company

Provided with Every Proposal

  • A written proposal that is easy to understand and clearly written, e-mailed to you in PDF.
  • A diagram drawing of the roof or area to be repaired or replaced, clearly indicating the issue.
  • Several photographs in a PDF format with arrows that highlight the issue areas. This can easily be forwarded via e-mail to all of your board members. This also allows them to safely and clearly see the problem that may be two stories high.
  • Options and pricing to repair just the issue area, or maybe the entire side, or even the entire roof.
  • We are available to attend the board meeting to answer questions and explain the process if needed.
  • A written, transferable warranty.

Provided with Every Awarded Project

  • We will provide flyers to notify each homeowner and give them a 24 hour mobile contact number.
  • We will protect the grounds, patios, skylights, A/C units, etc. with tarps or a temporary structure if needed.
  • We will start & stop work on the agreed time and days.
  • The professional crew will stay on that project until it is completed.
  • We will photograph the progress and complete the project as per your request.
  • All employees will wear a T & G Roofing and Solar Company, Inc. shirt so they may be easily identified.
  • We will provide a written, maintenance program with annual pricing.
  • The grounds and work area will be maintained in a safe and clean state. Crews will stop several times throughout the day to perform a walk around with a magnet and clean up any debris. At the end of the work day a more extensive clean up will take place. Areas around the home that are of concern will be clearly marked with yellow caution tape.
  • We will maintain a plot map of the HOA in a PDF format. After the completion of each project we will indicate on this map the date and size of the repair, along with a unique job number. This allows property managers and the board to quickly and clearly see what homes have been repaired in a given community.

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