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We like to make the installation look as flush as possible. We use a low profile racking to allow us to do that.

Tile Roofs - We will remove the existing tiles where the panels are going to be placed and place a 50 yr. composition shingle under the panels. Once the solar is installed our roofers will come back and place the tile back around the solar array. This will give the look of a skylight. Remember not all solar is ugly.
Very minimal, with no moving parts on a solar system all they really need is a rinse down a few times a year. You must use deionized water. Hard water can leave water spots which can hurt production.
In most cases all conduit is hidden on the roof side of the project. You will have conduit going from your Main Electrical panel up to the roof. We paint all exposed conduit the same color as your house.
Yes of course, not all solar panels are created equal. The biggest factor when picking a panel you like is the warranty the manufacture offers. If the manufacture won’t stand behind their product you do not want it on your roof. This is not an investment you want to buy twice.
Every solar system comes with a monitoring device that reads the production of your system. It’s a team effort on watching the system’s production. We set the monitor to email us if there is an issue with production.
The average return on this investment should be anywhere from 5-6.5 years. This of course depends on the size of system that is needed to satisfy your electricity needs.
No not always, this depends on the size of system you need. On larger systems this is usually a must, unless you already have an Electrical panel that will accommodate the solar system.
No, we employee every one of our certified installers, roofers and electricians. T&G Roofing and Solar will complete the entire project to your satisfaction.
If you are considering a solar power system there are two main factors to consider. First, the time it will take to pay yourself back for your investment. Second and just as important, the quality of the install. How long is the ‘no roof leak’ guarantee? If either of these factors are substandard then at best all you are doing is trading who you buy your power from, sometimes worse.

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