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T & G Roofing and Solar Company, Inc opened in 1989 in the city of Rancho Cucamonga and moved to Upland in 1998. Even with very little advertising our company quickly grew. To this day we attribute this to a few simple but important business principles:

  • The first and foremost is to know the value of our customer. The customer and their opinion/referral is what will make a successful business. We treat your home with the same respect we would treat our own home.
  • Second is to have a good relationship with our employees. We have always had an open door policy for our employees to be able to express their concerns and ideas with us. We know that your construction project will only be as good as the installers we hire. Most of our installers have been employed with T & G Roofing Company, Inc. for well over a decade, in addition we have two installers that have been continually employed with us for over 20 years, and another three installers that have 15 years. We think that this speaks volumes for the type of ethics we believe in. If a company treats their employees with respect and provides a good pay for an honest days work, they will stay loyal and always do their best. Loyal and happy employees are who you want working on your home. We look forward to earning your business.

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T&G Roofing Company | Residential Roofing Services
T&G Roofing Company | Residential Roofing Services
T&G Roofing Company | Residential Roofing Services
T&G Roofing Company | Residential Roofing Services

Residential Re-Roofing, Repairs, & Concrete Tile Lift and Re-Lays.

  • We will supply all the City, County and State Licenses required for your roofing project.
  • Most projects will require a permit from your city; we will obtain permits and coordinate inspections for your roofing project.
  • If your project requires roof removal, we will protect the grounds from debris and provide the services to safely and efficiently remove your existing roof.
  • Structural engineering and roof re-enforcement along with the removal of existing deflection can be required on your project. We have the experience and state licensed engineers on staff for all these needs.
  • Replacement of dry rotted and/or termite damaged lumber to the removal and replacement of all of your fascia board. We also professionally prime and paint the wood that is replaced on your entire home.
  • Installation of new plywood or OSB decking material.
  • Installation of just about every type of roofing materials. We specialize in concrete and clay tile, asphalt composition shingles, flat patio covers, and all types of roof repairs.
  • Replacement of metal pipe flashings, drip edge metal, fireplace, skylight, and all types of metal flashings is always included with your new roof.

Concrete or Clay Tile 'Lift & Re-Lay'

When you experience a leak in your concrete or clay tile roof, this is an indication that the 'underlayment' has failed in that area. Most concrete and clay tile roofs allow water to get under the tile, relying on the underlayment. Essentially this means that the underlayment becomes the roof. Generally, during new construction, only one layer of sub standard underlayment is installed. In addition, many other trades will walk, work, and secure scaffolding to the underlayment. This 'trade traffic' damages the underlayment and shortens the life of your roof. See photos below.

A couple of different procedures can be done to repair this issue. One repair procedure includes replacing the underlayment only in the area of the leak, and providing you with a 5-year no leak workmanship warranty. Another roof repair is a complete lift and re-lay, which involves replacing the underlayment throughout the entire roof, and proving you with a 10-year no leak workmanship warranty. Re-using your existing tile will save you thousands compared to complete new tile roof.

Standard procedures for both tile underlayment repairs and complete 'lift and relays' include:

  • Two layers of 30# ASTM highest grade roofing felt underlayment.
  • All new pipe flashings. If able, new drip edge and tile riser metal.
  • Installation of new hip and ridge board if missing or damaged.
  • Installation of cement mortar when required on "S" Spanish style roofs.
  • Replacement of all broken or cracked tiles.
  • New replaced tile may not match exactly, so they will be installed out of view.
  • Complete, twice daily clean up of any roofing debris found on the ground.
  • 24 hours emergence response access phone number.
  • Written and transferable No Leak workmanship warranty

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