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In order to request an emergency service of any kind you need to call the office at (909) 931-3204. If you have reached us after hours, you will be directed to the emergency service on-call supervisor.

T & G Roofing and Solar Company, Inc. offers Emergency Roofing Services for all types of property owners to provide an immediate response and to minimize potential damage. Within hours, a T & G Roofing and Solar crew can assess the damage to a client's roof and provide the services necessary to keep your home or building protected from additional, costly damages to drywall, paint, flooring, and possessions.

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Roof Tarp

Sometimes the only option is to tarp the roof until complete repairs can be made. This is often what insurance companies request, so they can come out and inspect the damage. Sometimes the leak can be fixed during our Emergency Service Crew's response, and not require a tarp installation, thereby saving you the extra fee of a tarp. In some cases an emergency roof tarp may be covered by your insurance company at no cost to you, please check with your agent, or we can act on your behalf if you wish.

Whether your roof has suffered damage due to rain, hail, wind, fallen debris, fire, or any other disaster, we can help. We gladly assist our clients in filing insurance claims for damages, and our extensive experience working with insurance companies ensures that we can help avoid unnecessary delays.

Emergency Roof Repairs are different from regular Roof Repair Services. Please see rate schedule below. Furthermore, we can not and will not incur any liability for exterior or interior damages that result from water damage or tarp blowing off from wind. This is a temporary cover.


Roof Tarp Pricing Schedule

During regular business hours: Monday – Friday 8:00am - 5:00pm

  • Tarping 10' x 10' area = $795.00 (min.)
  • Tarping 20' x 20' area = $1,495.00
  • Tarping 30' x 30' area = $2,000.00

Emergency Services Pricing Schedule

If crews are available during regular business hours, we will respond to your emergency service request at a charge of $445.00. Our professional installer will provide up to 1 hour of service. Each additional 30 minutes will be billed at $195.00. Materials will incur an additional cost, in this case a written proposal will be provided to you. If the requested roof repair is too extensive and cannot be performed at that time, we will provide you with a written proposal and you will only be charged $225.00 for the service call.

Business hours are Monday – Friday 8:00am – 5:00pm
We are unable to offer emergency services after business hours.

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